Royal Mail Group Ltd, Nuffield Industrial Estate

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Royal Mail Group Ltd
BH17 0AA Nuffield Industrial Estate
Dorset England
*This location is permanently closed. Please select a nearby branch.

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, more than 6 months ago

In September I had an overdue parcel delivery from Amazon who confirmed dispatch. I called R.M. Sorting office who said that with no tracking info.they could not help, as after 10 days undelivered items are returned to sender and a form 83? Would need to be completed to claim. I never got the item and now another item is overdue. Is there a problem at the delivery department? We are weeks away from Xmas rush so what is wrong?

, more than 6 months ago

I spoke with someone in the Special Delivery office as a parcel being sent to me in Derbyshire from Birmingham had been sent to my correct address but with the wrong beginning of the postcode. They put DT11 and it should have been DE11. He told me after I gave the tracking number that it would have been highlighted it was a wrong postcode and the correct postcode would be put on parcel and it would be delivered to me. Keeping fingers crossed.

, more than 6 months ago

I called the Dorset Mail Centre, Witney Road, Nuffield Industrial Estate, Poole at 9am on Sunday morning, 6th September. The gentleman who answered the phone was cheerful, courteous and helpful. It was a pleasure to speak to him. I wanted to know if there is a Sunday post collection from there, but there is not.

by more than 6 months ago

for questions regarding your post it is easier to phone 03457740740 as this is a sorting office not a delivery so has no information about your mail

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